AVG Antivirus Software for Mobile

avg mobile antivirus license key

AVG Mobile is antivirus software that protects data against harmful applications and text messages. AVG security for mobile devices can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Download and run AVG applications on your device and protect your data against malware. To understand how to download and use the AVG application on your mobile phone, for the AVG activation key, please follow the procedure described below.

Installation Process on Mobile

  • Average configuration of the mobile Android
  • Turn on the phone and launch the Play Store software.
  • Tap anywhere in the search box, type AVG Antivirus FOR FREE to get the Android Security keyword and tap Input.
  • Wait for the AVG download process to finish.
  • When the download is complete, tap Open.
  • Now the AVG Antivirus main screen will appear on the cell screen.
  • If you want a paid version of AVG, tap UPGRADE.
  • Use the Scan button if you want to perform a scan.

How to Download the AVG on Mobile

  • AVG Antivirus is available on your Android device. It will protect your Android phones from malware and viruses.
  • Open the default browser on your mobile phone and see the official website. Use the Free Download button to start the download.

  • AVG Antivirus Mobile Security can also be downloaded from the Play Store.
  • Search for a program, then tap Download. Follow the instructions and then install the application correctly.

How to Activate the AVG on Mobile

  • The AVG Antivirus application requires an activation code to upgrade to the Premium version.
  • Only if you enter the correct activation code can you log into your account.
  • As soon as you purchase the paid version of this application, you will receive an email regarding the download and activation of AVG.
  • Open the email and find the Enter your license number section. The activation code will be displayed there.
  • Copy the activation code to your email and paste it on the Activating screen of this program.
  • After entering the correct code, start using the Premium version of the AVG Mobile Security application.

How to Track Mobile Using AVG

  • The Tracking attribute is used to locate a cell phone when you lost it somewhere.
  • First, download and install the AVG Antivirus application on your Android mobile phone.
  • Use a Google account or other email address to create AVG MyAccount.
  • You must register your account to use the AVG Mobile Antivirus tracking feature.
  • Click Install to locate the lost camera.
  • The AVG Antivirus mobile tracking feature can be used to avoid calls from telemarketers and debt collectors.
  • You will receive detailed information, such as the address and name of the user whose phone number is not in the contact list.
  • If you receive an anonymous connection, use the AVG Antivirus mobile tracking to know the details of the person.
  • You can use comprehensive results, unlimited searches or personal searches to search as you like.

Mobile Data Backup Using AVG

Only AVG Antivirus Professional users have access to the Application backup attribute. It is used to back up programs to the SD card, however, you will not be able to back up any personal data such as passwords and application-related settings. To use this feature for over 14 days, you need to upgrade to AVG Antivirus Pro.

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